End Citizens United Nears Monetary Goals

End Citizens United is an organization that is fighting to get rid of the unconstitutional citizens united ruling. They have huge problems with the way that the things have passed and they want to make sure that people are able to get what they are looking for in the different situations that they are in. Because of the issues that come along with citizens united, the organization wants to show people that there are major problems with it. They have worked hard to bring awareness to their organization so that people will be able to understand that citizens united is detrimental because it takes away their power, it causes issues for the people who are in different situations and it makes the politicians more crooked than what they already were. With citizens united, corporations are allowed to donate in the same way that citizens are to a candidate for a government position.


Because citizens united has been such a big change in things, corporations are constantly jumping on the opportunities to make things better for the people who are trying to run for office. They want to show them that they can change things and that they can have a direct influence over the people who are running for office. Since corporations often have way more money than individuals do, this causes problems because the corporations can donate more money and it takes the power away from the citizens no matter what they are trying to be able to do with different options.


An important part of the citizens united ruling was that corporations needed to be able to do the same things that citizens were doing. This is something that is detrimental because corporations aren’t citizens. They have more money than citizens and they also have the power to influence people with the things that they are going to do. It has all led to the companies being able to, essentially, pay off the politicians that they want to win. It has caused major problems and has made the voting process unfair for the citizens who are trying to vote and get more out of the situations they are in.


Politicians are not always the most honest people even though they should be. The citizens united act has made it so that people are unable to get the options that they need and this has caused some issues for people who want to see the world be a fair place. It doesn’t matter what the politicians would normally stand for, the fact that a corporation can pay them to stand for something else can have a huge negative impact on the options that people have while they are voting.

What Is The Newest And Best Marketing Company?

Traveling Vineyard is by far one of the most interesting ways to make money in todays time. The way that they incorporate the new ways of earning with direct sales and their incredible long list of variety in wine is definitely a selling point on why being a wine guide is such a great investment.

Wine guides are the people who go around their town and city to help share the beauty that is Traveling Vineyard. They have an impeccable list of amazing wine with a many different flavors available. Traveling Vineyard is such a well respected brand that definitely is changing the industry and the way people are making extra money.

The way it works is very simple. You join the site and invest in your original tool kit. This kit can give you a bunch of great wine glasses and even samples of the drinks which is more than enough for you to use at your very first wine tasting event. However, before you jump in to get your very first event happening, you really need to remember about your training involved because you do get free training with a wine guide within your region. He or she will be your point of contact when you begin to help you sort out everything you’re going to learn and prepare you. If you have any questions, they should be able to help.

The online portal is filled with great informational articles and video instructions on how to navigate throughout the website, how to sell, how to build your team, and how to better function as a wine guide. Wine sellers make about 35 percent of every sale, and this all adds up when you sell tons of bottles in a single night. The potential is limitless and is only limited by the amount of people you know.

Being a wine guide opens the door to make a great additional income with the flexibility to do whatever you want with your life outside of being a seller. Traveling Vineyard is such a respectable brand that continues to provide incredible services, training, and wine.

Learn more about Traveling Vineyard: https://www.directsalesaid.com/companies/traveling-vineyard

A Walk With Betsy DeVos

When it comes to gender equality, few women can compare to Betsy DeVos. To expound further, Betsy DeVos remains a looming figure in the area of gender equality. For years, Betsy DeVos has dedicated her life to the reformation of education and equal rights for all Americans. In addition, Betsy DeVos remains the proud partner of Dick DeVos. As a successful business professional, Betsy DeVos remains one of the wealthiest people in the world. Also, Betsy has affirmed her support for the Republican Party. Currently, Betsy serves as the United States Secretary of Education. For those unaware, Betsy DeVos remains extremely popular in her party political party.In particular, she remains popular in the areas of school choice, school voucher programs, and charter schools. From 1992 to 1997, Betsy also served as chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party. As a result, she won a reelection to her post on numerous occasions.

In addition, DeVos holds the distinction of being an advocate for the Detroit charter school system. Currently, she also remains a member of the board of the foundation for excellence and education. With that being said, her husband remains the former CEO of the company Amway. To expound further, Richard DeVos remains her father-in-law. Therefore, Betsy comes from a unique background. In addition, her brother remains a founder of Blackwater USA. In 2016 alone, Betsy DeVos and her husband have appeared in Forbes and possess a net worth that hovers around $5.4 billion dollars.During the presidential campaign, President Trump made it clear that he would nominate DeVos to the Secretary of Education position. In addition, Betsy DeVos remains a native Holland, Michigan. As the daughter of a billionaire industrialist, Betsy DeVos grew up in a welcoming household. Also, she possesses Dutch ancestry.In addition, Betsy DeVos’ father remains the founder of Prince Corporation.

During her early life, she remained a student at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While there, she excelled academically. Furthermore, Betsy DeVos also remains a philanthropist at heart. Therefore, her family remains known for their philanthropic work. Throughout the years, they have donated hundreds of millions of dollars. In 1989, the couple launched the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.In 2015 alone, the couple made over $11 million dollars in charitable contributions. In total, their charitable giving exceeds $139 million dollars. In particular, their foundation has donated to hospitals, healthcare research, arts organizations, and so forth. Moreover, she remains renowned for her school voucher support. For those unaware, school vouchers would allow students to attend private schools with public funding. As a result, she has received numerous awards and accolades. Due to her tenacious work ethic, she has single-handedly reformed America’s school system.

The Life of Poverty of James Larkin Before Socialism

James Larkin was a very important personality for the Irish communities, as he was one of the primary leaders of the socialist movements in the nation.

Being an active leader, he was born on 21 January, 1876, and his homeland is Liverpool, England, but his family and his roots trace back to the Irish blood. James Larkin was born in a time when, after a few decades, socialism would emerge and become a reckoned force in Europe. He was the son of Mary Ann McNulty and James Larkin, the eldest son of his parents, and the brother of a younger boy named Peter.

The man didn’t grow up with a golden future ahead of him, as his family was of low social class and he was living in poverty during the entirety of his youth. Poverty and occasional hunger were two problems that James Larkin grew up with in the streets of Burren, a small town south of County Down. It was a big distortion form his place of birth, Liverpool, where he could’ve grown.

The poverty of the little Jim Larkey could be measured by his intense schedule when he was just a kid: By morning he had to attend school and in the afternoon he, of course, had to go to work, so he could help his parents support the expenses of the family.

It was a very painful journey that extended through most of his years of youth. It got harder, however, by the time his father died. Jim was fourteen when it happened, and he saw himself having to double his income in order to sustain his brother and his mother. Read more: The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin

To find solutions for the poverty to come, the boy had to suddenly find a new job. He tried a position in the company his father worked for, but didn’t last more than two years in the team, having to move to his next occupation as a dock foreman, where he would learn a lot about the business and would stay there for a long time.

After his youth, the man would soon become a very important trade onion, and would later become the leader of the group. In 1905, he joined the cause, but two years later he had to move to Belfast where he created the Irish Transport, a company that was very successful during its inauguration and the following years.

In Belfast, James Larkin would become a real entrepreneur. He would be the head of the foundation of more groups, like the General Workers’ Union, and the poverty that the little boy fought during his youth would suddenly become a thing of the past, as the “Big Jim” (The name of which James Larkin became famous around the country) would be about to make cause significant changes around his environment.

In 1913, James Larkin was part of the Dublin Lockout, where he acquired the nickname Big Jim. Dublin is the place where James Larkin had the biggest impact during his history, and his name is still very famous for historians and museums who remember the events of this era.

Jim Larkey was married to Elizabeth Brown since September of 1903. She was a big supporter of his role in the socialist movement.

The Successful Company And Generous Contributions Of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani founded Damac Properties in 2002 and develops residential real estate. The Damac owner has been successful due to a government decree giving foreigners the right to own property within the emirate. He saw these individuals as the main source for apartment buyers and bought land in an undeveloped area. In less than six months time he sold units in the 38 story building before construction had even begun.


Hussain Sajwani has helped establish the image of Dubai as a glittering destination. In 2013, Damac properties and Donald Trump teamed up in the development of two luxurious golf courses. Shortly after Donald Trump was elected President he gave a press conference in which he praised Hussain Sajwani and stated he was an amazing man. The owner of Damac properties had offered Mr. Trump $2 million for a real estate venture that Donald Trump was unable to accept.


Prior to his founding Damac, Hussain Sajwani began in the field of food service. He attracted major clients such as Bechtel, the giant in construction, and the United States Military. Although he was very successful and still owns the food service company he eventually turned to real estate.


Hussain Sajwani gave a check for $2 million to help clothe deprived children. In addition to running Damac Properties he is involved with Ramadan initiatives. The Hussain Sajwani family in supporting the government of Dubai in their efforts to improve the standard of living across the globe. His donation will clothe and provide warmth for over 50,000 children. The campaign to provide clothing for needy children was launched as a collaboration with Emirates Red Crescent. This is a humanitarian organization that was originally founded in 1983. Their campaign has already raised approximately $20 million.


Hussain Sajwani represents Damac properties and believes in the initiatives of Mohammed Abdullah Alhaj Al Zaroni who currently manages the UAE Red Crescent. The organization stated the generosity of the people was overwhelming and vital in the achievement of such a large campaign. The money donated will change the lives of needy children throughout the world and the contribution of Hussain Sajwani has been an enormous asset towards reaching their goal.


Follow Hussain Sajwani on twitter.


Jim Tanabaum As A Participant In The Development Of Health Care

Mindstrong Health, a forum that raised $ 14 million dollars for neuropsychiatric treatment and diagnosis; http://www.massdevice.com/neuropsych-treatment-diagnosis-platform-dev-mindstrong-health-raises-14m-series/. This forum is used to monitor brain function using smartphone devices. The smartphone device detects and carefully follows moods, memory, attention, and other primary functions. According to the executive of Mindstrong Health, this approach is used to analyze, and it set a pace for future inventions that aim at enhancing mental health. Smartphones can now be a new found technique of resolving mental problems.

The foundation’s team brings together different people with different experiences, approaches, and leadership to come up with ways of enhancing medical care for patients who have mental conditions. Jim Tanabaum addressed the trial report release in the coming month. He also expressed his confidence in modern medicine which is determined by objective measurements unlike previously when neuropsychiatric analysis used subjective reports. Mindstrong health is obligated to provide objective measures to the mental cases just like in that of other terminal diseases.

Jim Tanabaum is the re-known founder and CEO of Foresite Capital; a health care firm put up in 2011 that enumerates in recognition of emerging health leaders and assists the growth of the health leaders through capital networks supply. Initially, Jim ventured into several companies that grew into health franchises as a co-investor. Jim Tanabaum is an academic who is always motivated to find solutions and thrives on going where passion lies. He encourages risk taking as long as one has thought through the aspect at risk.

Currently, Jim’s largest investment is Intarica; a twice year type II diabetes that assists patients with weight loss and control of the disease that is now estimated to affect 350 million people globally as well as Glaucoma which is a once daily treatment from his investment in Aeri pharmaceuticals. Glaucoma is said to affect 40 million people globally causing blindness. Jim Tanabaum is passionate about academics evident through his pursuit of knowledge. The entrepreneur holds both a B.S and B.S.E.E from Yale University and an MD from Harvard Medical School. He also received from his MBA and MS from Harvard University and MIT respectively.

Source: crunchbase.com

The Larkin And Lacey Frontera Fund Is Watching Out For Human Rights

When it comes to human, civil, and migrant rights there are groups advocating to make positive changes. Many different individuals along with institutions and even governments clearly have no cares, concerns, or regards for the rights of these individuals.

If not for the advocacy work of certain human rights groups and individuals who stand up for those rights that disregard from these entities would continue to abuse human, civil, and migrant rights. Advocacy groups that bring the necessary changes to the table to make fundamental differences do so through volunteer work, media awareness, and campaigns. This is mall made possible by outside funding from donors.

People Are Out There Watching

Amnesty International is a well-known Human Rights group dedicated to the perseverance of ending and preventing human rights abuse from occurring globally. An organization such as Amnesty International relies heavily on contributions from others.

Individuals such as Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund are excellent examples of where groups like Amnesty International and others find funding for their projects and campaigns.

Who Are Micheal Lacey And Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were too strong voices behind Village Voice media. On October 18th, 2007 under the authority of one of “Americas Toughest” proclaimed Sheriff’s, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, these two individuals were arrested.

The sheriff was hot about the duo exposing misconduct and inappropriate behavior on the sheriff’s behalf. Abusing human rights and having his role in fostering anti-Mexican fear-mongering in Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio became exposed to the public.

Ultimately Lacey and Larkin ended up winning their case in which they were awarded a 3.7 million settlement. This 3.7 million dollar settlement of taxpayers money was paid by Maricopa County back in 2013.

This victory shows others that they can and will be held accountable for their actions. Both Larkin and Lacey had a vision and these finances were going to turn this Vision into a reality. A reality that became known as the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund.

The Larkin And Lacey Frontera Fund

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund support other human right advocacy groups across Arizona and elsewhere. These supporters and advocates of human rights are essential in bringing the necessary and positive changes society needs. Check out these supporters of human rights to learn more and see how you could contribute to making a difference.

The Arizona DREAM Act Coalition

  • Promise Arizona locally called Paz, are a faith-based human rights organization focused on establishing peace. Through peaceful demonstrations and the facilitation of education and information, Paz aims to lower animosity towards the Hispanic community in Arizona
  • The Arizona DREAM Act Coalition, a group founded by undocumented students in hopes of finding resourceful and constructive ways to deal with harsh laws is another human rights advocacy group bringing about necessary and positive changes

Through the power of people coming together and campaigning, human rights abuse can be prevented and ultimately stopped. Funding from individuals like Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey and the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund are essential in combating this ongoing epidemic.

Read more:

Michael Larcey | Crunchbase and Michael Larcey | Twitter

Hussain Sajwani and His Quality Real Estate Solution Mission with DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani, the Chairman and founder of DAMAC Properties, has tremendously helped the growing demands of Middle East for quality residential solutions through his real estate firm. Post-2000, Dubai government decided to allow foreigners to own property in the city. It created unprecedented demand for quality housing, and Hussain Sajwani saw that as an opportunity and founded DAMAC Properties to offer world-class residential solutions primarily to the foreigners. He sold his first project – a 38-story residential apartment – within six months of construction commenced. Sajwani provided high-quality and comprehensive solutions with all the amenities required for deluxe apartments.

To provide customized solutions to the clients, DAMAC Properties collaborated with many international brands. Hussain Sajwani joined hands with Donald Trump and his property development firm in 2013 to open two Trump-branded golf courses in Dubai. Since then, DAMAC owner keeps a great personal relationship with Trump and his family. Even Hussain Sajwani family also keeps a warm relationship with Trump and his family.The New Year party arranged by Donald Trump in 2017, after he was elected as the President of the United States, was attended by Hussain Sajwani upon the special invitation by Trump.

DAMAC Properties has greater expertise in every aspect of property development including finance, legal, marketing, sales, and administration. The real estate development firm has projects in Beirut, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London, Amman, Doha, Riyadh, and Jeddah. DAMAC is considered as one of the premier luxury property developers in the Middle East with a credit of more than 18,500 homes delivered as of today. An additional 44,000 units are under development at various stages. Additionally, the firm manages more than 13,000 hotel rooms and service apartments under its hospitality division. It also cooperated with global brands such as Fendi, Bugatti, and Versace.

Hussain Sajwani completed his graduation from the University of Washington before starting his real estate and construction career. He began the career as a Contracts Manager at GASCO, and later in 1982, Sajwani established his own catering firm. In the later years of his career, Sajwani worked with some real estate development companies, and that experience helped him to establish DAMAC properties. Hussain Sajwani is very active in philanthropic contributions and support to the community. In a 2013 Ramadan initiative, he contributed AED two million to supply clothes to the deprived children around the world.

Visit http://hussainsajwani.com/ for more information.

Julie Zuckerberg’s Relevance in the Executive Recruiting Businessting Business

Finding a job in the financial sector can be a daunting task, especially if you decide to do it on you own. Julie Zuckerberg is one of the talented lead recruiters in the U.S. who can help you in finding your dream job. Julie currently works as the VP and executive lead recruiter of an established financial institution known as Deutsche Bank. Julie’s expertise lies in behavioral interviewing, talent management, talent acquisition, and team leadership. Her expertise also lies in corporate recruiting, employee training, and employee hiring. In addition to hiring, Julie is versed in conflict resolution, succession management, applicant management, and executive management. Her typical day involves overseeing Deutsche Bank’s asset management, global technology, operations, and commercial clients. She attended the University of New York and graduated with an undergraduate degree in philosophy. She also went to the New York Law School for an LLB.



Career Background


Julie Zuckerberg has worked with numerous firms throughout her professional recruiting career. Her professional journey began back in 2002 when she worked for Hudson Global Resources America Inc. as a hiring manager. Julie was in charge of support staff, paralegals, attorney, and recruiting case managers during her five years tenure. Based on her law expertise, she also solved workplace-related conflicts and other litigation cases that Hudson faced. Citi Global Consumer Bank hired her in 2007 as an executive recruiter after her tenure at Hudson came to an end. Julie’s job at Citi Global involved providing recruiting solutions to the firm’s managing director.


She also served as a director of Citi Global’s Consumer Marketing subsidiary. She is the pioneer of the creative recruitment techniques that are currently adopted in Citi Global Consumer Bank. These methods include the use of social media, employment referrals, and direct sourcing. These strategies helped Citi Bank in hiring employees who meet the firm’s professional qualifications. Julie’s tenure at the company ended in 2013 when she joined New York Life Insurance Company. As the executive recruiter of the insurance agency, she was in charge of recruiting new staff. She also sought the help of the organization’s senior officials in solving challenges associated with strategic planning. Julie joined Deutsche Bank after her four months tenure at New York Life Insurance Company.


Hobbies and Personal Interests


Julie Zuckerberg is enthusiastic about arts, pets, human rights, science, technology, food, and photography. When Julie is not in the office negotiating deals, she enjoys participating in physical exercises like running. She maintains her social media reputation through social networking sites, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. As a runner, she usually challenges herself with different exercises from time to time for fitness purposes. In an article, posted on MindBodyGreen.com, Julie shares with her readers how to trains to boost personal health and lose weight. The article is titled “How Interval Training Can Upgrade Your Health & Help You Lose Weight.” In the article, Julie stresses the importance of changing training schedules. According to her, the body’s normal functions are boosted every time we adopt different training techniques. In turn, the immunity of the body is also improved.

The Copa Star World-Class Hospital

The only comparison that befits Copa Star Hospital is a five-star hotel. The architecture and decorations are of high quality and not forgetting the top-notch technology. The construction of the hospital based in Rio took three years to complete and was finally opened in October 2016. Copa Star covers 21000 square meters and has seven floors. The technology gives patients a feel of luxury and sophistication. This is because the hospital aims at making the patients comfortable and the I-pad provided gives them just that. With the I-pad, the patient can access doctor’s exams, be able to call for doctors or nurses, change room lighting, open and close curtains and also use the bed features. The patients also get access to modern equipment such as high-class operation rooms, robotics and modern medicines.

Copa Star design was drawn by a reputable company to ensure they get the best design there is. The corridors were built and decorated to give the welcoming feeling and have good air circulation. This is not only inviting to patients but also their visitors. The bigger plan is to extend this technology to other hospitals in Rio. Therefore, in the near future people will not be flying out for medical services instead they will be flying in. Read more about Copa Star at Side Tech.

Affordability of Copa Star

The good news for the residents of Rio is that Hospital Copa Star also accepts all forms of payments. This includes the different health plans. The hospital is not meant for patients who can only pay cash. This means it is affordable to a lot of people and they can get world-class health services without putting too much strain in their pockets. Getting quality health services at a reasonable rate is like a dream come true.

Staff at Copa Star

To ensure high-quality services Copa Star Hospital took all their professionals for two months intensive training and improvement. Actors were involved in showing different circumstances that a patient can be in and the staff were shown how to handle each one of them. They were also trained on their dress code and make-up. With more than 550 employees, 133 being doctors, patients can receive all the attention they require. Prior to Copa Star, the professionals had gained a lot of experience in their different fields. The hospital hand-picked only the best in the fields.

Copa Star History

Copa Star Hospital was founded by Jorge Moll who is a cardiologist and the current president of Rede D’Or St. Louis. Dr. Jorge saw the need of opening a world-class hospital that is equipped enough to handle any emergency or complications. More than 400 million reais were invested in the building of the hospital. An investment like that can only give out the good results they got. With this hospital, the residents of Rio are sorted in terms of health services. View the design at rafarquitetura.com.