Larkin And Lacey Frontera Funds

Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund is an initiative founded by business partners and the pioneers of Phoenix New Times Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Both were students at the Arizona state university when they started the phoenix new times weekly magazine to cover the ultra-conservative local media’s coverage of student anti-war protest.

The paper grew from covering the university unrest to highlighting social and political issues attracting a significant number of readers across the state.

It was during one of the coverages of the paper on a grand jury subpoenas that targeted the papers writers, editors and to some extent, the readers, that the two were put behind bars on the night of October 18, 2007.

As a result of a loud public outcry on the arrest, Lacey and Larkin were released, and all charges dropped. This article aims to cover the birth of the Frontera fund that was as a result of the arrest of the two founders and its activities at funding all social justice groups that advocate for the civil, human and immigration rights.

Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund is a foundation that supports groups that fight and advocate for the rights of the immigrants in Arizona state and America as a whole.

The organization came into light after Lacey and Larkin’s case got a ruling in their favor by the Maricopa County a total of $3.75 million as a settlement to a wrongful accusation by the Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin |

Both journalists used the proceeding paid to them to form the Frontera fund with the aim of settling the Latin American groups throughout the state of Arizona.

The immigrants had a hard time in the County and were subject to wrongful arrest in the Maricopa state prison that was under Sheriff Joe.

The jail was in a deteriorating condition unfit for the stay of the immigrants, but the anti-immigrant sheriff went ahead to arrest them where he subjected them to racial profiling, mistreatment, and deaths of jail inmates.

Having grown up in the state, Larkin had had a first-hand experience of the suffering of the Hispanic community hence the wish to help the less fortunate in the County who had experienced the brutality of the state police. It was in 2014 that the initiative started issuing out more funds to nonprofit groups that advocate for the immigrants civil and human rights.

One of the groups that benefitted on funds from the Frontera group is the American Immigration Council. It is a Washington D.C based nonprofit organization that works hard towards honoring immigrates in the United States and also helping the citizens to embrace and act right towards the Hispanic community. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Its activities are a success through education and international exchange programs that taught on the history of the immigrants and their possible contributions towards the American culture.

The aim of the group is promoting legal programs that support and encourage humane policies and achieving justice for immigrants under the law and also ensuring that they honor the constitution.

With the help of their lawyers, American immigration council has been able to liberate the Hispanic community from racists and other anti-immigration groups.

The future and the fate immigrants in the Arizona state and the whole of America has been addressed well with the help of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

Police brutality has subsided, but I hope that more help groups will come into the light and help the Hispanic community to settle properly and enable them to work to support their families and also help steer America back to its glory.

The Ancient Mechanics Of War, The Trabuco

The trabuco is an ancient catapult, originally invented as a weapon of war in Portugal and in medieval England. They were assembled outdoors and built on wheels to travel in tow with the provisions, ammunition and other equipment, accompanied by soldiers on horses. The main purpose was to destroy the enemy’s masonry walls. Trabucos were used exclusively whenever war was imminent; kingdoms launched counterattacks, while hiding behind heavily reinforced masonry walls.

As opposing armies approached the targeted castle, moats were drawn in and armies launched fire, while perched high above. With the trabuco, the device was loaded with oversized stones, which were then propelled over and through the defensive structures. Due to force behind the trabuco, the stones effectively crushed entire walls in a single hit. Depending on the target, sometimes other materials were used instead of stones; this included flaming arrows, dead animal carcasses and molten tar.


Today, the term, “trabuco” is still used in Brazil to describe any type of large caliber shotgun, gibbet or revolver. When talking about medieval manual weapons of destruction, the phrase, “balancing trabuco,” is often used to differentiate from another similar device, the traction trabuco. Although, its origins are in ancient times, the mechanics behind the trabuco are very advanced. It wasn’t simply a matter of using large stones are a method of brute force. The stones were projected as a direct result of precisely balanced, gravitational energy. The trabuco worked in conjunction with weight transference and load bearing capabilities, which combined to form a basic form of kinetic energy. Builders weren’t scientists, they just applied basic principles of velocity and mass.

Trabuco can be thought of as evolved slingshots, the motion is the same, but the results weren’t haphazard. The trabuco was a finely tuned projectile, carefully constructed to hit targets with pinpoint accuracy. Now, mechanical engineers can create exact copies of this ancient device, using wood, PVC pipes, and titanium screws. Of course, trabucos aren’t used in the war anymore; now they’re made for public display, at outdoor learning exhibits or at Medieval fairs and shows according to

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Nathaniel Ru

One of the prospering organization and also offer better farm-to-table that is best for people diet is named Sweetgreen. The organization is a known as a salad chain that the main objective of the organization is to ensure that they provide organic and fresh meals to their clients. Read more: Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

Most of the top food chain nowadays provide junk food these have enabled Sweetgreen to proper due to a lot of people want healthy living hence they are able to make more profit. The mind behind the founding of the top salad chain is Nathaniel Ru together with his two friends.

They were to learn the importance gap of the food sector when they were in the University. Those times the only restaurants that provide healthier food they were fewer but also they were weak.

Currently, Sweetgreen is one of the best restaurants in the United States and it’s situated in more than sixty locations in the United States. Furthermore, the organization investment in physical stores also runs the thirty percent of the organization dealings is done through a mobile app and website these have enabled the clients to acquire what they want because it is accessible and cheap.

Nathaniel Ru is certain that technology is the main importance in an organization these is because one is able to come up with a better product to their client. Sweetgreen began with the help of a financial backer including Steve Case, Daniel Boloud and Danny Meyer whereby they had enough expertise and experience in the food sector these enabled the organization to develop rapidly.

The improvement of the organization daily activities is due to Nathaniel Ru and his co-founders always come up with better management strategies that also enable the organization to be ahead of their competitors.

Furthermore, the Central headquarters does not play importance to the organization these are according to the three CEO’S what makes a good impact in the business is the distribution of better system to the regions that they operate on. On various times the organization administrative offices are able to close for employees who work in the restaurants it is an act of the business culture.

In addition, the CEO’s of the organization are Jonathan Neman, Nathaniel Ru, and Nicholas Jammet.

The thing that brought them together they realized they have a lot in common and furthermore the development of the business is also because of their parents who were are well experience on how the food industry works.

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Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues

Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn

The Intriguing Career of Dr. Cameron Clokie from Toronto

Dr. Cameron Clokie is a surgeon who specializes in oral and maxillofacial surgery. In 1998 he was named the head of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery and went on to be a lecturer at the University of Toronto. He recently announced his retirement from academics.

His experience in the field has attracted a lot of attention from people in that area and from different universities whereby they call him to lecture on various topics concerning Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He has also written articles and done presentations about healthcare and dentistry. Learn more about Cameron Clokie: and–clokie/c12024915

His educational background is interesting. In 1985 Dr. Cameron received his honors of Dental surgery. Then he went for training which he finished in 1990. In 1992, he received his doctorate in bone regeneration from McGill University. All this knowledge makes him one of the most sought for Oral and maxillofacial surgeons in that field.

According to Crunchbase, Dr. Cameron Clokie was made the CEO at Induce Biologics Company. He is also an entrepreneur and a scientist. Over the years Dr. Clokie has managed to create a name in this field. He has participated in boards of several companies, and from all that, he has managed to develop partnerships with businesses and imparted knowledge to them in different areas.

As a scientist, Dr. Clokie was among the doctors who came up with the idea coaxing the jaw bones so that they can grow again from the roots. There is a way that doctors can manipulate the adult stem to make it become a bone tissue hence the growth of a jaw from the start. One of Dr. Clokie’s patient underwent the procedure at Toronto General Hospital.

The victim confirmed that after the operation on his jaw, five days later a blood vessel started growing leading the growth of the jawbone. He is evidence that regenerative medicine can work but the procedure is expensive, not everyone can afford it.

Dr. Clokie has brought out new ideas in the field of dentistry and continues to put his mind and time to research more of medical solutions, creating innovations in the field, that’s why he is one of the best oral and maxillofacial surgeons we have around.


How Fabletics’ Strategies have enabled it to stand out in the E-Commerce Sector

Fabletics has been considered as a leading athleisure wear firm in the United States since its establishment four years ago. The executives of the TechSytle joined efforts with Kate Hudson in the founding of the business in 2013. The company currently has millions of clients, and it has managed to be a top competitor to Amazon, which has been in the industry for a relatively long time. The enterprise has been using the power of crowdsourced reviews to ensure that it provides the best activewear products to women in different parts of the United States. It has gained approximately $250 million from retailing athleisure wear, and its worth has also been rising with about 35 percent annually.


Positive clients’ reviews have made it easy for Fabletics to grow into one of the United States’ leading e-commerce enterprises. The company has specialized in selling products through a subscription plan that has attracted over one million clients due to its outstanding convenience. Fabletics has devoted itself to offering the best customer services, and this has played a great role in attracting more loyal consumers of its products. It has also been receiving positive reviews from its clients due to the quality of athleisure wear that it sells to them. According to research, several well-established athleisure wear firms’ websites have sections that allow shoppers to write and read reviews about the products that they offer. The comments that are posted in the sites enable the public to be informed about the quality of the brands’ goods. Most consumers acquired products from companies that have an excellent online reputation.


The profits that any business makes are significantly influenced the by type of crowdsourced reviews that they get. Research indicates that approximately 80 percent of the individuals who use the internet believe in the information that is provided by consumer reviews. The comments are mostly regarded as personal recommendations and are trusted more than the traditional methods of advertising. Fabletics has managed to maintain over 85 percent of its clients. It also gets referrals from individuals who have ever used its products. The company utilizes the online reviews from its customers to improve the quality of its goods and services. Kate Hudson believes that the accomplishments of Fabletics have been facilitated by its ability to utilize the power of technology, data, and empathy.


The athleisure wear enterprise has attracted an excellent rating from the world’s leading search engines due to the positive reviews that it gets from clients. The company, therefore, appears on the first page whenever consumers look for any information about it. Leading review websites portray the firm as dependable and devoted to fulfilling the needs of the clients. Kate Hudson acts as the supervisor of the company’s marketing and customer service strategies. As the face of Fabletics, she ensures that women feel sexy and comfortable whenever they wear the company’s clothes. The firm has been using the reverse showrooming strategy to ensure the success of about 30 brick and mortar stores that it has established across the United States.

Bob Reina Guides Talk Fusion to Lucrative Success

Talk Fusion is an elite video marketing company that works hand in hands with customers and clients in order to help them grow their own business. Talk Fusion was created by CEO and Founder Bob Reina back in 2007. His goal at the beginning was to create a company that offered game changing solutions for people around the world. Armed with inspiration and a little know how, Reina has gone on to turn Talk Fusion into the juggernaut that it is today. Bob Reina’s start in digital marketing wasn’t as simple as it sounds so let us find out what makes him tick and succeed as an entrepreneur.


With over 20 years in the business it can be hard to go back to the beginning. Bob Reina has no problems, however, going back to the exact moment that inspired him to become a digital entrepreneur. Reina was working as a police officer at the time as he was more than 10 years into his career. Reina was working an off duty gig as traffic director and it was during this shift that he met a content marketing professional. The two got to talking and Reina eventually learned how he could take control of his career and point it toward his dream paycheck.


Talk Fusion was established a few years later and since then the company has been pushing the envelope, staying ahead of competition, and advancing their own unique goals. The reason for Talk Fusion’s success, according to Reina, was that he was charismatic with his concepts out of the gate and he truly believed in what he was doing. It also helped that, according to Reina, they arrived at the right time to succeed. Reina says, “Success arrived pretty rapidly for us, because we created the right product at the right time.”


Nowadays you can find Talk Fusion in over 140 countries around the world. Talk Fusion recently earned the coveted 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. Now they are focused on having as epic a 2017 as they can while improving and continuing to expand within the industry. Learn more:


The Career and Charity Work of Dick DeVos

The billionaire Dick DeVos has spent a number of years participating in charitable activities. One of these activities has been with the Kennedy Center of the Arts. Each year, along with a number of other wealthy donors, Dick helps raise funds so that the organization can easily finance its operations. The donations that Dick provides allow the Kennedy Arts center to develop new events and programs along with contributing to the professional development of the managers. Due to the assistance provided by Dick DeVos, the Kennedy Center for the Arts has been able to both meet and exceed its fundraising goals each year. As a result, the organization now looks to set new goals in terms of raising funds for years to come.


When looking to participate in charitable activities, DeVos looks to make a difference with causes such as education, business development and the arts. Along with making annual contributions to the Kennedy Arts center, Dick finances arts events where a number of artists can create work and participate in contests. His contributions also help the managers of arts institutions develop better management skills so that they can run their various organizations even better. As well as making contributions to the arts, DeVos also provides funding for education. Every year, Dick offers money in the form of business school scholarships which help a number of business students pay for their advanced education in this field. Lastly, Dick participates in business development. He offers funds to help a number of businesses get the resources they need to either start up or expand.


While Dick DeVos is well known for his charitable activities, he has also been very well known as a top business leader. Dick has had a long career managing and building companies. When he first began his career, he worked in the marketing and operations department of the direct selling company known as Amway. During his stint at this company, he helped build it into the top direct selling companies in the entire United States. After a number of years, he began managing the Orlando Magic NBA basketball team, During this stint, DeVos helped make the Magic one of the best run organizations in the league. Along with being a very sound organization on the business end, it also developed the foundation necessary to be a top contending team on the court as well. DeVos would eventually go back to Amway and become the CEO. During his second stint with the company, he helped expand it to many other markets around the world.


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Jim Tananbaum’s Growth Strategies for ForeSite Capital

Foresite Capital recently announced Molly as its venture partner. Molly previously worked at Illumina as a senior director. Molly is quite instrumental to Foresite Capital because he has over fifteen years of experience in genomic research and development. Jim Tananbaum, who is the CEO and MD of Foresite Capital said that Dr. Molly is among the most respected research scientists in next generation sequencing. Jim added that Molly will be invaluable to ForeSite Capital as the company continues to diversify and expand its portfolio.

Dr. Molly was a senior scientific research director at Illumina. Molly played a significant role in Illumina’s global protein reagent improvements and innovation. Before Joining Illumina, Molly worked at Pacific Biosciences. Molly also spent one decade focusing on drugs that target immune diseases and cancer and developing antibodies. Molly attended Nankai University and University of California where she graduated with a degree in biochemistry and a Ph.D in protein biophysics respectively. Molly also has over twenty patent applications and has published over twenty papers.

Molly said on Bloomberg that she was excited to join Foresite Capital due to its reputation of its innovative products and services. Molly added that she feels honored to join a dynamic team of professionals to grow Foresite’s portfolio. Foresite Capital aims at improving drug recovery and clinical research strategies.

Foresite Capital plays a significant role in providing capital for the growth of healthcare leaders. The company provides disruptive services and products in all healthcare fields in both public and private markets. Foresite Capital has its headquarters in San Francisco.

Jim Tananbaum attained his M.D in Harvard School of Medicine. Additionally, Jim, graduated with B.S.E.E and B.S from Yale University. Jim has gained success in most of his ventures. For instance, he was the head of investments in twenty one health care companies including notable ones such as Amira and Amerigroup Pharmaceuticals.

The Outstanding Business Management Skills of Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is a leading finance and business management expert. He currently works at Newark Economic Development Corporation (NEDC) as an executive VP and CFO. The firm has been facilitating investments among the Newark people by offering capital funding and excellent policy initiatives. It is currently committed to ensuring the success of real estate development projects and small business.

Seawright is the proprietor of RPS Solutions, which is a top real estate development firm that has specialized in establishing custom and affordable house. The company serves individuals who would like to own homes for the first time in Baltimore.

According to Kevin Seawright, owning a home is a primary element that facilitates the development of wealth and economy. He is highly experienced in serving the Washington, DC., Maryland, and Baltimore’s real estate development and education sector.

The entrepreneur has shown his ability to develop new opportunities and reorganize institutions to accomplish economic efficiency. He formerly worked in the city of Baltimore as its deputy COO.

During his time in office, Kevin oversaw the public school system that had 200 schools, 800 workers, about 500 contractors, and 8000 students. He was later hired by KLS Political Services to serve as a campaign manager. The firm has specialized in offering political campaign management solutions. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

Seawright was also appointed as a VP for human capital and finance at Toto Contractors. He was in charge of simplifying contractor engagement and also ensuring that the firm had excellent work relations with employers.

Kevin has been striving to develop healthy relationships between private companies and the state to facilitate economic growth. He has remarkable business management skills and can examine a business’ operations and develop strategic plans that can make it efficient.

As a business manager, Kevin Seawright is committed to utilizing innovative technology in restructuring human resources, sales, and administration. His outstanding management skills allow him to explore complex elements of internal business processes such as human resource, accounting, and sales.

He is dedicated offering funds to facilitate community development programs such as education. Seawright is also an excellent youth sports coach and has focused on basketball.

End Citizens United Nears Monetary Goals

End Citizens United is an organization that is fighting to get rid of the unconstitutional citizens united ruling. They have huge problems with the way that the things have passed and they want to make sure that people are able to get what they are looking for in the different situations that they are in. Because of the issues that come along with citizens united, the organization wants to show people that there are major problems with it. They have worked hard to bring awareness to their organization so that people will be able to understand that citizens united is detrimental because it takes away their power, it causes issues for the people who are in different situations and it makes the politicians more crooked than what they already were. With citizens united, corporations are allowed to donate in the same way that citizens are to a candidate for a government position.


Because citizens united has been such a big change in things, corporations are constantly jumping on the opportunities to make things better for the people who are trying to run for office. They want to show them that they can change things and that they can have a direct influence over the people who are running for office. Since corporations often have way more money than individuals do, this causes problems because the corporations can donate more money and it takes the power away from the citizens no matter what they are trying to be able to do with different options.


An important part of the citizens united ruling was that corporations needed to be able to do the same things that citizens were doing. This is something that is detrimental because corporations aren’t citizens. They have more money than citizens and they also have the power to influence people with the things that they are going to do. It has all led to the companies being able to, essentially, pay off the politicians that they want to win. It has caused major problems and has made the voting process unfair for the citizens who are trying to vote and get more out of the situations they are in.


Politicians are not always the most honest people even though they should be. The citizens united act has made it so that people are unable to get the options that they need and this has caused some issues for people who want to see the world be a fair place. It doesn’t matter what the politicians would normally stand for, the fact that a corporation can pay them to stand for something else can have a huge negative impact on the options that people have while they are voting.