Thor Halvorssen Relentless Fight Against Modern Dictators

To receive praise by some of the best print media houses in the USA is a sign of good work and struggle. Some few years ago, Thor Halvorssen received praise from the New York Times for the work that he has done over the years to make people aware of their rights.

His opinions about human rights have been printed on several print media outlets such as The New York Times, National, Journal, The Wall Street Journal and even the Washington Post. Thor Halvorssen has also featured on various television outlets talking about the issue of human rights. He has been featured on BBC, CNN, HBO and even Al-Jazeera and the Fox News Channel of the O’Reilly Factor. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

Thor is a 40-year-old human right activist who was born in Venezuela to a Venezuelan mother and a Norwegian father. He is famous for founding the Human Right Foundation that is based in New York and the Oslo Freedom Movement.

Thor Halvorssen specializes in opposing dictators from all over the world but has a keen interest in Latin America. During his work, he has managed to unveil corruption deals by the Venezuela government. This is an action that he paid with the life of his mother and the freedom of his dad and first cousin.

On his spare time, Thor Halvorssen acts as a film producer. His latest venture regarding this line of work includes the film The Moon is a harsh Master. He has also taken lecturing roles at various institutions where he lectures about the issue of human right and oppression.

He has taught at the United Nations Association that is found in New York as well as the New York City Junto. Other than just these two institutions, he has had some teaching spells at the Harvard Law School and the American Enterprise Institute.

He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where he majored in Political Science and History. He is the current chairman of the Human Right Foundation. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

He has had the chance to work with Garry Kasparov as well as Vaclav Havel. He has also worked with other activists such as Vladimir Bukovsky and Harry Wu. Thor Halvorssen has a self-proclaimed love for people and the humanity in general.

Phone Service and Internet Service with FreedomPop Review Services

What is it that FreedomPop has that others does not? Would you be surprised to learn that they offer you free cell phone service plans as well as free internet service? Did you even know that they offered this? Did you also know that you can access a number of hot spots around the world for a small fee of only 5 dollars. For the 5 dollars, you will be able to access wifi hot spots and get unlimited internet use. This is what internet and cell phone plans should be like. Why should we spend so much money on something as simple as the internet? This is what a number of people are now asking themselves.


Many of your internet providers as well as phone providers are clearly shook up about this service. Well, they should be. They should be worried about what will happen if this service continues to grow and become popular. Many people will start to switch over when they hear what the plans are and how the FreedomPop review is able to help them save money overtime.


The CEO of the company is eager to let people experience this service. He is anxious to see if the service is going to pick up and to see what others think of the service when they start to realize how much money they can save each year from the cost of this internet and phone service.


The coverage map is not as extensive as many other companies however this is simply a work in progress. You will start to see more and more coverage as they expand and become more well known. As they expand like any other company, there is bound to be a hiccup or two along the way and for them right now, the hiccup is the areas of service. Its becoming bigger and better with each passing day however.


Because there is a contract in place with their providers, there is no way to find out who is supplying their service however just remember, places that offer free wifi like McDonalds and Burger King are linked to AT&T with places like Starbucks being linked to Google. With more places offering free wifi, it makes sense that more plans are going to be offering free internet as well. But with free service, what do you have to lose?


Martin Lustgarten: An Incredibly Smart Investment Banker

Investment banking is a branch of banking that deals with raising capital. That is for other entities including individuals, corporations, as well as governments. Investment banking is often done by banks which offer appropriate advice on investment options that clients are looking to put their money. Additionally, investment banks underwrite debts, facilitate mergers and acquisitions, sell securities, broker trades for investors, and carry out reorganizations.


Most of the leading investment banks work in collaboration with larger banks. They function as intermediaries between a company and investors particularly when a firm wants to issue bonds or stocks. Investment banks help with pricing in order to maximize. They also help clients to comply with regulatory issues.


Additionally, investment banks create fund raising strategies for corporations. They also develop effective structures that lead to maximum results. The banks usually employ investment banking professionals to help individuals, corporations, and governments manage projects. The experts help clients to save money as well as time by identifying the risks associated with a particular project. It is for this reason that clients seek their advice on how to effectively plan and execute their investments.


The type of work that investment bankers do is of great value. For this reason, it is regarded a prestigious career. However, the job is not an easy one. It requires great levels of patience. Additionally, it requires excellent research abilities. There are several personalities that have made great accomplishments in the field of investment banking and Martin Lustgarten is one of them.


About Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is the chief executive officer of Lustgarten, a Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida based investment banking company. He is an investment expert that has helped many people to make sound investments through his firm. Martin believes in making global investments.


Additionally, his ability to see oncoming trends enables him to get the best results for his clients. He is the perfect role model for investors since he works hard and smart to acquire best investment.

Great Marketing for Fabletics Comes from Great Leadership

When you take two business leaders like Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler and combine their talents with actress Kate Hudson there is a unique perspective that comes to light. Goldenberg and Ressler already knew about marketing clothing to women. They have businesses with subscription services like JustFab that are already making millions. Kate Hudson, an athletic mom that loves to work out, brings a face to a brand that is otherwise unknown. She does this is a comical way, and that is what makes people take notice of the brand.

What Kate Hudson has done is star in the commercials for Fabletics. She has gone in a different route than what has been done with a lot of other products. The athletic clothing industry has always been marketed as clothing for people that were serious about winning. These are commercials where people have on their game face. They want to be ready to battle and they are showing their endurance for whatever the sport may be that they are playing. What Kate Hudson has done is build the Fabletics brand in a much different way.

Kate Hudson has added a dimension of comedy that was not found in other commercials. She has found it very easy to add a certain comedic timing to commercials because she is a professional actress. This has allowed her to become one of the most successful celebrities that has entered into the business world. She has managed to give many people access to clothing that they would not see elsewhere.

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Kate Hudson Gushes Over Athletic Line Fabletics
A (Non-Sponsored) Fabletics Review

Adding comedy to the commercials for Fabletics has made people remember the brand. It stays on the brain long after a lot of other commercials have faded to the background. This is what is so amazing about the company. It has become the brand that is getting attention because it provokes conversation.

Another thing that makes people react to the Fabletics brand is the social media marketing that is done with this. There are short videos with people that are in clothes from Fabletics. This will start some word of mouth buzz about the brand, and that is certainly going to make it easy for people to discover Fabletics.

This is a company that has grown in leaps and bounds, and a large part of the buzz comes from the celebrities that are praising this brand. There are models and other actresses that have been seen in Fabletics clothing. It is obvious that Kate Hudson has a lot of influence on her fans, but she also has friends in the business that have fans of their own. This has made it easier for her to get the word out about the brand without depending on a ton of print media or expensive advertising campaigns. She also models these clothes herself to cut costs.

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