How Mike Baur Can Help You to Diversify Your Business

The Swiss Startup factory has been instrumental in helping many startups find their wings. Mike Baur, the CEO of The Swiss Startup factory, has many years of experience in the finance arena. His expertise has enabled him to elevate many businesses to attain the global status. In addition, Mike Baur has passion for entrepreneurship. As a result, he helps a broad range of startups to get the training, facilities, and funding they need to grow. One of the best ways to grow a business is to diversify.


Mike Baur advocates for Diversification

Diversification involves selling a vast array of related products to reach as many customers as possible. Instead of offering a few products, start evaluating the items that can add value to your business. Another way to diversify your business is to open as many branches and subsidiaries as possible in various locations.  The following ideas will help you to succeed in the quest to diversify your business:


  • Once you identify the ideal location to set up the shop, ensure that your administrative and management systems are top notch. You will need all hands on deck once you get the shop up and running.
  • Ensure that your business plan takes everything about your new location into account.
  • Determine you will obtain the financing you need by preparing a feasible plan and sticking to it.
  • Do not allow the budget to dictate your move. Remember to choose the location based on the best strategies for your business, not your budget.


Franchise your business

The best way to expand your business nationally or globally is to franchise it. Once you have created the ideal product that resonates well with the consumers, you cannot market it alone. Franchising allows you to make extra cash without breaking a sweat. If you are running a restaurant, you make the key decisions about the nature of the product, the packaging style, location of the business, and the architectural design of the shops. Remember that every shop will pay you a certain amount of money every month, in addition to the registration fees. Ensure that you hire a franchise attorney to avoid the pitfalls that might crop up along the way. Franchising is the ideal vehicle when it comes to business expansion.

IAP Worldwide Consistent Growth and Success

IAP Worldwide is one of the foremost provider of advanced technical and professional services, global-scale logistics and management of facilities. IAP Worldwide has employed over 2500 people who operate in over 30 countries worldwide. The company is experienced in planning, harmonizing and executing sophisticated challenges on technical, logistics and occurrences. IAP maintain, operate and manage civilian facilities, private research laboratories, and military installations.

The IAP Worldwide was established in 1953 after the launch of the America’s first space built by Pan Am World Services. The company has since then been supporting over 2000 testing launches. IAP acquired full- facility maintenance and support comprising of air mater planning, engineering services, and construction management about 45 years from its foundation.

Johnson Controls bought the IAP Company in 1989 to form the Johnson Controls Worldwide. The acquisition lead to increased energy efficiency developed innovative mechanisms and almost all sectors.

In 2015, the IAP successfully purchased some businesses run by the DRS technologies as their strategy. The acquisition was objected at diversifying the company’s services and also increase their revenues.

The IAP Worldwide embraced the Hurricane Matthew’s regional support efforts. The Organization deployed their experts in support of Hurricane. The team provided was meant to offer emergency power and assistance for FEMA Regions IV and V. Some of the emergency response support by the IAP during the Sandy, Katia and Katrina among other overwhelming events comprised of communications systems, emergency power, deploying expert personnel and commodities. The IAP managed to deploy over 100 power experts during the 2011 hurricane season to activate emergency generators around Jersey, Maryland, New York and Massachusetts.

The IAP in 2013 was a awarded a contract by the Army Corps of Engineers of the United States enabled them to offer support to the requirements of public works, engineering services, and emergency power during the national significance incidents.

According to the Director and CEO of IAP Mr. Doug Kitani, the IAP maintained constant contacts with various agencies and the Government of the United States on the mobilization support regarding the Hurricane Matthew. The IAP was delighted to have taken part in seeking the right support whom the hurricane had an impact on.

The IAP team relocated their Office from the Cape Canaveral Office region as well as their emergency operations center (EOC) to Panama City Office. The IAP also partnered with the ECC in offering options of response for the missions directed by the Naval Facilities Engineering Command to respond to storms.

Brian Torchin Lights a Path to Opportunity

The most valuable thing that any person can do for a community and create jobs. However, it is frustrating when a job that is created goes unfilled. Unemployment is an issue that looms over society. The truth is that many job opportunities are not taking advantage of.

This is not always due to a person’s lack of skill for an existing job. There is also a major problem with connecting the qualified person to the right employment position. There is a great need for skilled technicians within the health field. Most of these organizations do not list their job openings in a traditional manner.

According to The Valanx, Brian Torchin has developed a process that brings companies and workers together. He is the owner and president of HCRC Staffing.

HCRC Staffing specializes in building the relationship between qualified applicants and the corporations they are looking to do business with. Jobs within the medical field require specific training and certifications. There is little margin for error when placing someone in a position in the medical profession. Hospitals and clinics literally deal with people’s lives first-hand.

Brian Torchin and HCRC has taken the guesswork out of this complicated process. The company prides itself on being efficient.

Health professionals who are in charge of hospitals and other medical institutions are able to trust that Torchin and his staff will bring in the right person for these critical positions.

Brian knows firsthand how difficult it is to find talent within the healthcare community. He worked as a chiropractor for many years. During this time he realized that he could produce a greater service. The ability to provide staffing for many different institutions allowed Torchin to have a broader impact on a industry he is passionate about. Employees at HCRC clearly understands the vision.

With Brian as the leader of the ship they are able to recruit the talent needed for the many jobs that are available in the medical profession.