PA Attorney Karl Heideck Highlights Litigation Funding For Businesses

Pennsylvania Business litigation attorney Karl Heideck recently reported that litigation financing – also referred to as lawsuit funding or third-party financing – is firmly taking root as an option for businesses to restore some stability and predictability to their litigation activities. He points out that the changing financing terrain may make it difficult for companies to keep up with options, which are likely to explode in the coming year.

Lawsuit funding is nothing new. It has offered individuals as plaintiffs the resources to pursue claims against bigger parties with the backing of financiers. But as Karl Heideck points out, what has changed is that corporate businesses are also beginning to take advantage of the funding options. The shift has been brought on by several factors including financier focus on the benefits to companies facing litigation – namely the ability of the client to retain authority to direct the case and the ability to protect corporate capital amid the uncertainty of litigation.

About Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck is an attorney in the Greater Philadelphia area specializing in litigation, risk management review, and compliance. He also has professional experience in employment law, mediation, and intellectual property law.

Karl Heideck is a 2009 graduate of Temple University Beasley School of Law, where he finished with honors. He has an undergraduate degree in English and Literature from Swarthmore College and he puts his degree to use as a legal researcher and writer. Karl Heideck can also be found blogging about legal topics on his website.

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EOS Lip Balm’s developers’ candid interview

Reportedly, Fast Company did a one on one interview with the creators and founders of Evolution of Smooth, or EOS, last October. The company EOS has generated over $250 million within almost a decade. In fact it has even surpassed sales of Chapstick and Blistex, two companies which have been around for a lot longer.

In the interview, the creators reveal that the lip balm department hit a specific chord with them as a number one prime target for fast selling products. This conclusion was drawn up when they realized that most of the products on Wal-Mart supermarket were not going to sell too well if they had concocted something from another category.

Evolution of Smooth currently sells well over 1 million of their products per week with a prediction of sales skyrocketing in the year 2020 with a $2 billion revenue. Sanjiv Mehra, co founder and managing partner, tells Fast Company that not building a huge commotion around EOS was deliberate and a smart business strategy on their part. Mehra states that customers should take into consideration the type of foundation EOS lip balm is and what it represents.

Lip balm is generally treated as an all gender type of product, but oddly enough, the developers found that there was an overwhelming call for lip balms by women. In the studies they did, they found that women find tubes of lip balms to be too small for their handbags and they would easily lose them, or even find that the application of lip balm was unhygienic when the pots were introduced. One other thing they found in their study is that consumers do not find applying lip balm enjoyable what so ever. So in that instance, the Evolution of Smooth founders did what they could.

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Soros backs anti drug war candidates

George Soros has long sought to place philanthropic dollars where they count the most. One of his pet projects has been the abolition of the series of policies enforcement actions that broadly constitute the War on Drugs. Soros views this social policy as one of the worst ongoing affronts against civil liberties and an open society that the American nation has ever endured.

Over the years, Soros has pursued a number of policies designed to bring a swift end to the War on Drugs. While not all of these have enjoyed great success, some of his more recent forays into the realm of political action have yielded positive results. One of the most successful has been his efforts to replace hard line law & order prosecutors with more progressive-minded and liberal ones. This effort has largely centered around the South, but it would not be surprising to see Soros expand his efforts to the rest of the country, particularly considering the rates of success which he has thus far enjoyed.

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One of the most notable cases of monetary intervention in the campaign of a up-and-coming prosecutor has been the instance of Aramis Ayala in the Orlando County prosecutor race. Ayala, a longtime public defender and the first black woman to run as prosecutor anywhere in the state of Florida, ran on a platform of leniency towards drug users and fairness in sentencing with regards to minorities. Her opponent, Jeff Ashton, had long fostered the reputation of a hard-line drug warrior, somebody not afraid to sacrifice minorities at the altar of order. Under his watch, the disproportion of minorities being sent to prison for crimes that sometimes hardly merited jail time at all exploded to levels never before seen in the Orlando area.

But Aramis Ayala had a problem. Her campaign lacked almost any financing. With only a few thousand dollars, the novice politician stood little chance of making headway versus her well-heeled and entrenched opponent. George Soros stepped in with a nearly $1.2 million donation, allowing Ayala to create a deluge of television ads and promotional messages on the internet. The money also bought sophisticated campaign strategists, who help guide Ayala through the complex maze of electoral politics.

The strategy worked. In an unprecedented landslide election, Ayala became the first black prosecutor in the state of Florida’s history, unseating her long entrenched incumbent, who had been prosecutor for the better part of two decades. This was almost exclusively attributable to the gigantic donation that George Soros bequeathed to her campaign, without which she would have stood virtually no chance of winning versus the powers-that-be. Visit to know more about George.

This represented a major victory for Soros and a major blow against the policies of the drug war.

How To Rule The World Of Makeup According To Lime Crime’s Doe Deere

For those who haven’t heard of Lime Crime, the makeup brand has been around for nearly ten years and has changed the way that millennials approach cosmetics. If you’ve noticed that makeup trends have been leaning toward bright colors, metallic finishes and lots of glitter, Lime Crime is responsible. Doe Deere’s fearless makeup brand has been encouraging young women to have fun with cosmetics and express themselves in attention-grabbing ways.


When you look at Doe Deere, you can immediately sense that her brand is a true reflection of her own personal aesthetic. With bright pastel-colored hair, sparkly lips and lots of attitude, it’s evident that she stays authentic to her own creative vision with every Lime Crime product that’s formulated.


Since she was little, Russian-born Deere has been experimenting with color and glitter. Born with a strong urge to express herself visually, she recalls playing with her mom’s makeup as a kid for hours. When Deere moved to New York City as a teenager, the fast-paced environment of the city streets fueled her creative ambition. It didn’t take too long for Deere to see herself as a rock star. She formed a band and started playing gigs in the city’s bars and clubs.


Eventually, Deere’s creative ambitions turned from musical to visual. She started designing clothes, selling them on eBay in 2004. However, her true love was always makeup. When Deere realized that makeup brands weren’t selling the bright and bold shades for which she yearned, she decided to start her own makeup line called Lime Crime.


Lime Crime launched as an e-commerce business in 2008. Interestingly, the brand was one of the first in the cosmetics industry to exist solely online. Knowing that people like to try on makeup in the mirror before purchasing, Deere invented the “makeup swatch” photo gallery, allowing customers to switch through pictures of each product’s shade on real models.


What launched Lime Crime into immediate success, however, was how highly unique the brand was from the very beginning. Deere has never once followed a trend. Instead, she creates makeup products that exist only in her imagination. Luckily for her, millions of makeup lovers share her personal aesthetic.


Lime Crime makeup products are not for the faint of heart. For instance, the Diamond Crushers lip gloss line comes in iridescent and glittery shades that are meant to turn heads. Most recently, Deere has launched a series of hair dyes that come in neon pastel shades.


It’s clear that Deere’s commitment to her own aesthetic has earned her enormous success. Now, millions of makeup consumers idolize the CEO for her fun, offbeat and fearless approach to makeup.

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