Wen Cleanses Without Damaging Your Hair

In a recent article that was published in Bustle, a beauty writer decided to test Wen by Chaz Dean on her fine thin hair. She had been told by several people that WEN hair had done incredible things for their hair so she wanted to see for herself. Initially, she noticed that it took a good amount of the product according to the instructions. She applied it as directed and worked it gently through her hair. When she washed and dried her hair she was impressed with the results. She couldn’t wait to show off her hair. In the morning, however, she noticed that her hair had become flat and oily. She decided after a few days to get up early and wash her hair before work in the morning. She was able to have bouncy and manageable hair all day long. Even her co-workers commented on Facebook on how great her hair looked. She decided she wasn’t thrilled about having to wake up early to wash and dry her hair but she recommends the product highly for people looking for incredible hair that is damage free.

Wen was created to improve the condition of Chaz Dean’s celebrity clientele. He created a product that uses natural oil and botanicals to deliver hair that is strong and healthy. People all over the country have discovered all of the incredible things that Wen can do for their hair. Wen is available in most salons and many big box retail stores such as Sephora across the country. Also, see http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wen-hair-care.

For more product information, visit the WEN Wikipedia page.