A Walk With Betsy DeVos

When it comes to gender equality, few women can compare to Betsy DeVos. To expound further, Betsy DeVos remains a looming figure in the area of gender equality. For years, Betsy DeVos has dedicated her life to the reformation of education and equal rights for all Americans. In addition, Betsy DeVos remains the proud partner of Dick DeVos. As a successful business professional, Betsy DeVos remains one of the wealthiest people in the world. Also, Betsy has affirmed her support for the Republican Party. Currently, Betsy serves as the United States Secretary of Education. For those unaware, Betsy DeVos remains extremely popular in her party political party.In particular, she remains popular in the areas of school choice, school voucher programs, and charter schools. From 1992 to 1997, Betsy also served as chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party. As a result, she won a reelection to her post on numerous occasions.

In addition, DeVos holds the distinction of being an advocate for the Detroit charter school system. Currently, she also remains a member of the board of the foundation for excellence and education. With that being said, her husband remains the former CEO of the company Amway. To expound further, Richard DeVos remains her father-in-law. Therefore, Betsy comes from a unique background. In addition, her brother remains a founder of Blackwater USA. In 2016 alone, Betsy DeVos and her husband have appeared in Forbes and possess a net worth that hovers around $5.4 billion dollars.During the presidential campaign, President Trump made it clear that he would nominate DeVos to the Secretary of Education position. In addition, Betsy DeVos remains a native Holland, Michigan. As the daughter of a billionaire industrialist, Betsy DeVos grew up in a welcoming household. Also, she possesses Dutch ancestry.In addition, Betsy DeVos’ father remains the founder of Prince Corporation.

During her early life, she remained a student at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While there, she excelled academically. Furthermore, Betsy DeVos also remains a philanthropist at heart. Therefore, her family remains known for their philanthropic work. Throughout the years, they have donated hundreds of millions of dollars. In 1989, the couple launched the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.In 2015 alone, the couple made over $11 million dollars in charitable contributions. In total, their charitable giving exceeds $139 million dollars. In particular, their foundation has donated to hospitals, healthcare research, arts organizations, and so forth. Moreover, she remains renowned for her school voucher support. For those unaware, school vouchers would allow students to attend private schools with public funding. As a result, she has received numerous awards and accolades. Due to her tenacious work ethic, she has single-handedly reformed America’s school system.

Martin Lustgarten: An Incredibly Smart Investment Banker

Investment banking is a branch of banking that deals with raising capital. That is for other entities including individuals, corporations, as well as governments. Investment banking is often done by banks which offer appropriate advice on investment options that clients are looking to put their money. Additionally, investment banks underwrite debts, facilitate mergers and acquisitions, sell securities, broker trades for investors, and carry out reorganizations.


Most of the leading investment banks work in collaboration with larger banks. They function as intermediaries between a company and investors particularly when a firm wants to issue bonds or stocks. Investment banks help with pricing in order to maximize. They also help clients to comply with regulatory issues.


Additionally, investment banks create fund raising strategies for corporations. They also develop effective structures that lead to maximum results. The banks usually employ investment banking professionals to help individuals, corporations, and governments manage projects. The experts help clients to save money as well as time by identifying the risks associated with a particular project. It is for this reason that clients seek their advice on how to effectively plan and execute their investments.


The type of work that investment bankers do is of great value. For this reason, it is regarded a prestigious career. However, the job is not an easy one. It requires great levels of patience. Additionally, it requires excellent research abilities. There are several personalities that have made great accomplishments in the field of investment banking and Martin Lustgarten is one of them.


About Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is the chief executive officer of Lustgarten, a Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida based investment banking company. He is an investment expert that has helped many people to make sound investments through his firm. Martin believes in making global investments.


Additionally, his ability to see oncoming trends enables him to get the best results for his clients. He is the perfect role model for investors since he works hard and smart to acquire best investment.