Phone Service and Internet Service with FreedomPop Review Services

What is it that FreedomPop has that others does not? Would you be surprised to learn that they offer you free cell phone service plans as well as free internet service? Did you even know that they offered this? Did you also know that you can access a number of hot spots around the world for a small fee of only 5 dollars. For the 5 dollars, you will be able to access wifi hot spots and get unlimited internet use. This is what internet and cell phone plans should be like. Why should we spend so much money on something as simple as the internet? This is what a number of people are now asking themselves.


Many of your internet providers as well as phone providers are clearly shook up about this service. Well, they should be. They should be worried about what will happen if this service continues to grow and become popular. Many people will start to switch over when they hear what the plans are and how the FreedomPop review is able to help them save money overtime.


The CEO of the company is eager to let people experience this service. He is anxious to see if the service is going to pick up and to see what others think of the service when they start to realize how much money they can save each year from the cost of this internet and phone service.


The coverage map is not as extensive as many other companies however this is simply a work in progress. You will start to see more and more coverage as they expand and become more well known. As they expand like any other company, there is bound to be a hiccup or two along the way and for them right now, the hiccup is the areas of service. Its becoming bigger and better with each passing day however.


Because there is a contract in place with their providers, there is no way to find out who is supplying their service however just remember, places that offer free wifi like McDonalds and Burger King are linked to AT&T with places like Starbucks being linked to Google. With more places offering free wifi, it makes sense that more plans are going to be offering free internet as well. But with free service, what do you have to lose?