End Citizens United Nears Monetary Goals

End Citizens United is an organization that is fighting to get rid of the unconstitutional citizens united ruling. They have huge problems with the way that the things have passed and they want to make sure that people are able to get what they are looking for in the different situations that they are in. Because of the issues that come along with citizens united, the organization wants to show people that there are major problems with it. They have worked hard to bring awareness to their organization so that people will be able to understand that citizens united is detrimental because it takes away their power, it causes issues for the people who are in different situations and it makes the politicians more crooked than what they already were. With citizens united, corporations are allowed to donate in the same way that citizens are to a candidate for a government position.


Because citizens united has been such a big change in things, corporations are constantly jumping on the opportunities to make things better for the people who are trying to run for office. They want to show them that they can change things and that they can have a direct influence over the people who are running for office. Since corporations often have way more money than individuals do, this causes problems because the corporations can donate more money and it takes the power away from the citizens no matter what they are trying to be able to do with different options.


An important part of the citizens united ruling was that corporations needed to be able to do the same things that citizens were doing. This is something that is detrimental because corporations aren’t citizens. They have more money than citizens and they also have the power to influence people with the things that they are going to do. It has all led to the companies being able to, essentially, pay off the politicians that they want to win. It has caused major problems and has made the voting process unfair for the citizens who are trying to vote and get more out of the situations they are in.


Politicians are not always the most honest people even though they should be. The citizens united act has made it so that people are unable to get the options that they need and this has caused some issues for people who want to see the world be a fair place. It doesn’t matter what the politicians would normally stand for, the fact that a corporation can pay them to stand for something else can have a huge negative impact on the options that people have while they are voting.

Julie Zuckerberg’s Relevance in the Executive Recruiting Businessting Business

Finding a job in the financial sector can be a daunting task, especially if you decide to do it on you own. Julie Zuckerberg is one of the talented lead recruiters in the U.S. who can help you in finding your dream job. Julie currently works as the VP and executive lead recruiter of an established financial institution known as Deutsche Bank. Julie’s expertise lies in behavioral interviewing, talent management, talent acquisition, and team leadership. Her expertise also lies in corporate recruiting, employee training, and employee hiring. In addition to hiring, Julie is versed in conflict resolution, succession management, applicant management, and executive management. Her typical day involves overseeing Deutsche Bank’s asset management, global technology, operations, and commercial clients. She attended the University of New York and graduated with an undergraduate degree in philosophy. She also went to the New York Law School for an LLB.



Career Background


Julie Zuckerberg has worked with numerous firms throughout her professional recruiting career. Her professional journey began back in 2002 when she worked for Hudson Global Resources America Inc. as a hiring manager. Julie was in charge of support staff, paralegals, attorney, and recruiting case managers during her five years tenure. Based on her law expertise, she also solved workplace-related conflicts and other litigation cases that Hudson faced. Citi Global Consumer Bank hired her in 2007 as an executive recruiter after her tenure at Hudson came to an end. Julie’s job at Citi Global involved providing recruiting solutions to the firm’s managing director.


She also served as a director of Citi Global’s Consumer Marketing subsidiary. She is the pioneer of the creative recruitment techniques that are currently adopted in Citi Global Consumer Bank. These methods include the use of social media, employment referrals, and direct sourcing. These strategies helped Citi Bank in hiring employees who meet the firm’s professional qualifications. Julie’s tenure at the company ended in 2013 when she joined New York Life Insurance Company. As the executive recruiter of the insurance agency, she was in charge of recruiting new staff. She also sought the help of the organization’s senior officials in solving challenges associated with strategic planning. Julie joined Deutsche Bank after her four months tenure at New York Life Insurance Company.


Hobbies and Personal Interests


Julie Zuckerberg is enthusiastic about arts, pets, human rights, science, technology, food, and photography. When Julie is not in the office negotiating deals, she enjoys participating in physical exercises like running. She maintains her social media reputation through social networking sites, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. As a runner, she usually challenges herself with different exercises from time to time for fitness purposes. In an article, posted on MindBodyGreen.com, Julie shares with her readers how to trains to boost personal health and lose weight. The article is titled “How Interval Training Can Upgrade Your Health & Help You Lose Weight.” In the article, Julie stresses the importance of changing training schedules. According to her, the body’s normal functions are boosted every time we adopt different training techniques. In turn, the immunity of the body is also improved.