Arthur Becker Focuses on Real Estate in New Company

Arthur Becker is an investor, entrepreneur, artist, and real estate developer. His work in and around New York City as a real estate developer may be his most recent claim to fame but the fact is he has a long and varied career that spans multiple decades. Now his work is coming under more awareness thanks to the great job he is doing at Madison Partners LLC. Becker took some time out of his stacked schedule in order to talk about what makes him tick, his plans for Madison Partners LLC, and his newest projects in the works. You can visit Ideamensch to know more.

Madison Partners came to life in a period of time after Becker had sold his share of NaviSite in 2011. Becker had always been interested in maneuvering into real estate and technology investing but he never quite had the time until then. Becker immediately jumped into the fold, buying into a real estate development in Miami as well as New York City. These early investments served as great springboards and soon Becker would be establishing his own real estate office in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan. Now Becker is the Managing Partner at Madison Partners LLC and his work is literally transforming the city around him.

According to Huffington Post, Becker is currently juggling two rather large real estate development projects. Becker has a trio of townhouses in development in downtown Soho which he was awarded in exchange for investing in a luxury condo development on Sullivan Street. Becker is also invested in a Tribeca area condo development, as well. These real estate developments will likely be Becker’s biggest contribution to the market as a standalone investor, no longer working as the quiet backer to bigger partners.

For Arthur Becker the key to success is to work with people you respect and have a real connection to. Becker says that this is the trick for him to get the most out of a partnership. Becker goes on to say, “Organizing and coordinating the work of experts and other talent is when I am most effective.” With his work at Madison Partners LLC only growing, we kind of think he has the right of it.

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