Great Marketing for Fabletics Comes from Great Leadership

When you take two business leaders like Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler and combine their talents with actress Kate Hudson there is a unique perspective that comes to light. Goldenberg and Ressler already knew about marketing clothing to women. They have businesses with subscription services like JustFab that are already making millions. Kate Hudson, an athletic mom that loves to work out, brings a face to a brand that is otherwise unknown. She does this is a comical way, and that is what makes people take notice of the brand.

What Kate Hudson has done is star in the commercials for Fabletics. She has gone in a different route than what has been done with a lot of other products. The athletic clothing industry has always been marketed as clothing for people that were serious about winning. These are commercials where people have on their game face. They want to be ready to battle and they are showing their endurance for whatever the sport may be that they are playing. What Kate Hudson has done is build the Fabletics brand in a much different way.

Kate Hudson has added a dimension of comedy that was not found in other commercials. She has found it very easy to add a certain comedic timing to commercials because she is a professional actress. This has allowed her to become one of the most successful celebrities that has entered into the business world. She has managed to give many people access to clothing that they would not see elsewhere.

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Adding comedy to the commercials for Fabletics has made people remember the brand. It stays on the brain long after a lot of other commercials have faded to the background. This is what is so amazing about the company. It has become the brand that is getting attention because it provokes conversation.

Another thing that makes people react to the Fabletics brand is the social media marketing that is done with this. There are short videos with people that are in clothes from Fabletics. This will start some word of mouth buzz about the brand, and that is certainly going to make it easy for people to discover Fabletics.

This is a company that has grown in leaps and bounds, and a large part of the buzz comes from the celebrities that are praising this brand. There are models and other actresses that have been seen in Fabletics clothing. It is obvious that Kate Hudson has a lot of influence on her fans, but she also has friends in the business that have fans of their own. This has made it easier for her to get the word out about the brand without depending on a ton of print media or expensive advertising campaigns. She also models these clothes herself to cut costs.

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