How Fabletics’ Strategies have enabled it to stand out in the E-Commerce Sector

Fabletics has been considered as a leading athleisure wear firm in the United States since its establishment four years ago. The executives of the TechSytle joined efforts with Kate Hudson in the founding of the business in 2013. The company currently has millions of clients, and it has managed to be a top competitor to Amazon, which has been in the industry for a relatively long time. The enterprise has been using the power of crowdsourced reviews to ensure that it provides the best activewear products to women in different parts of the United States. It has gained approximately $250 million from retailing athleisure wear, and its worth has also been rising with about 35 percent annually.


Positive clients’ reviews have made it easy for Fabletics to grow into one of the United States’ leading e-commerce enterprises. The company has specialized in selling products through a subscription plan that has attracted over one million clients due to its outstanding convenience. Fabletics has devoted itself to offering the best customer services, and this has played a great role in attracting more loyal consumers of its products. It has also been receiving positive reviews from its clients due to the quality of athleisure wear that it sells to them. According to research, several well-established athleisure wear firms’ websites have sections that allow shoppers to write and read reviews about the products that they offer. The comments that are posted in the sites enable the public to be informed about the quality of the brands’ goods. Most consumers acquired products from companies that have an excellent online reputation.


The profits that any business makes are significantly influenced the by type of crowdsourced reviews that they get. Research indicates that approximately 80 percent of the individuals who use the internet believe in the information that is provided by consumer reviews. The comments are mostly regarded as personal recommendations and are trusted more than the traditional methods of advertising. Fabletics has managed to maintain over 85 percent of its clients. It also gets referrals from individuals who have ever used its products. The company utilizes the online reviews from its customers to improve the quality of its goods and services. Kate Hudson believes that the accomplishments of Fabletics have been facilitated by its ability to utilize the power of technology, data, and empathy.


The athleisure wear enterprise has attracted an excellent rating from the world’s leading search engines due to the positive reviews that it gets from clients. The company, therefore, appears on the first page whenever consumers look for any information about it. Leading review websites portray the firm as dependable and devoted to fulfilling the needs of the clients. Kate Hudson acts as the supervisor of the company’s marketing and customer service strategies. As the face of Fabletics, she ensures that women feel sexy and comfortable whenever they wear the company’s clothes. The firm has been using the reverse showrooming strategy to ensure the success of about 30 brick and mortar stores that it has established across the United States.