Hussain Sajwani and His Quality Real Estate Solution Mission with DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani, the Chairman and founder of DAMAC Properties, has tremendously helped the growing demands of Middle East for quality residential solutions through his real estate firm. Post-2000, Dubai government decided to allow foreigners to own property in the city. It created unprecedented demand for quality housing, and Hussain Sajwani saw that as an opportunity and founded DAMAC Properties to offer world-class residential solutions primarily to the foreigners. He sold his first project – a 38-story residential apartment – within six months of construction commenced. Sajwani provided high-quality and comprehensive solutions with all the amenities required for deluxe apartments.

To provide customized solutions to the clients, DAMAC Properties collaborated with many international brands. Hussain Sajwani joined hands with Donald Trump and his property development firm in 2013 to open two Trump-branded golf courses in Dubai. Since then, DAMAC owner keeps a great personal relationship with Trump and his family. Even Hussain Sajwani family also keeps a warm relationship with Trump and his family.The New Year party arranged by Donald Trump in 2017, after he was elected as the President of the United States, was attended by Hussain Sajwani upon the special invitation by Trump.

DAMAC Properties has greater expertise in every aspect of property development including finance, legal, marketing, sales, and administration. The real estate development firm has projects in Beirut, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London, Amman, Doha, Riyadh, and Jeddah. DAMAC is considered as one of the premier luxury property developers in the Middle East with a credit of more than 18,500 homes delivered as of today. An additional 44,000 units are under development at various stages. Additionally, the firm manages more than 13,000 hotel rooms and service apartments under its hospitality division. It also cooperated with global brands such as Fendi, Bugatti, and Versace.

Hussain Sajwani completed his graduation from the University of Washington before starting his real estate and construction career. He began the career as a Contracts Manager at GASCO, and later in 1982, Sajwani established his own catering firm. In the later years of his career, Sajwani worked with some real estate development companies, and that experience helped him to establish DAMAC properties. Hussain Sajwani is very active in philanthropic contributions and support to the community. In a 2013 Ramadan initiative, he contributed AED two million to supply clothes to the deprived children around the world.

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