Kim Dao Goes to a Japanese Festival, a Mount Fuji Sightseeing, and more

The Japanese Festival cost 600 yens for Kim Dao and her boyfriend Eric to enter. It had many tent booths set up in an empty lot. There were food booths with sandwiches and some booths with pastries. Kim Dao had some grilled corn on the cob. Kim Dao and her boyfriend Eric had pasta and some doughy food that looked like black curry buns. It was something like grass flavored Ma Chee. It was a little too cloudy to see. Mount Fuji, so Kim Dao decided to take her boyfriend to Lake Kawaguci and also to get a better look at Mount Fuji once the weather cleared up.


Kim Dao was taking her boyfriend and his parents by cable car up to see Mount Fuji. Kim Dao had seem Mount Fuji the week before and wanted to take her boyfriend. She said there were not as many people there as last week because the weather was clearer then. There was still a bit of a haze in the view of Mount Fuji. There was a gift shop with charms and little stuffed animals. There was a Mount Fuji Pikachu. Kim Dao and her group stopped in at the snack bar to get green tea and glazed sticky buns on a stick. After taking some photos of Mount Fuji, Kim Dao took her guests to a shopping outlet. There were some familiar stores like Ralph Lauren. There are some discount stores in the outlet mall. After having dinner, everyone went home.