The Career and Charity Work of Dick DeVos

The billionaire Dick DeVos has spent a number of years participating in charitable activities. One of these activities has been with the Kennedy Center of the Arts. Each year, along with a number of other wealthy donors, Dick helps raise funds so that the organization can easily finance its operations. The donations that Dick provides allow the Kennedy Arts center to develop new events and programs along with contributing to the professional development of the managers. Due to the assistance provided by Dick DeVos, the Kennedy Center for the Arts has been able to both meet and exceed its fundraising goals each year. As a result, the organization now looks to set new goals in terms of raising funds for years to come.


When looking to participate in charitable activities, DeVos looks to make a difference with causes such as education, business development and the arts. Along with making annual contributions to the Kennedy Arts center, Dick finances arts events where a number of artists can create work and participate in contests. His contributions also help the managers of arts institutions develop better management skills so that they can run their various organizations even better. As well as making contributions to the arts, DeVos also provides funding for education. Every year, Dick offers money in the form of business school scholarships which help a number of business students pay for their advanced education in this field. Lastly, Dick participates in business development. He offers funds to help a number of businesses get the resources they need to either start up or expand.


While Dick DeVos is well known for his charitable activities, he has also been very well known as a top business leader. Dick has had a long career managing and building companies. When he first began his career, he worked in the marketing and operations department of the direct selling company known as Amway. During his stint at this company, he helped build it into the top direct selling companies in the entire United States. After a number of years, he began managing the Orlando Magic NBA basketball team, During this stint, DeVos helped make the Magic one of the best run organizations in the league. Along with being a very sound organization on the business end, it also developed the foundation necessary to be a top contending team on the court as well. DeVos would eventually go back to Amway and become the CEO. During his second stint with the company, he helped expand it to many other markets around the world.


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