The Life of Poverty of James Larkin Before Socialism

James Larkin was a very important personality for the Irish communities, as he was one of the primary leaders of the socialist movements in the nation.

Being an active leader, he was born on 21 January, 1876, and his homeland is Liverpool, England, but his family and his roots trace back to the Irish blood. James Larkin was born in a time when, after a few decades, socialism would emerge and become a reckoned force in Europe. He was the son of Mary Ann McNulty and James Larkin, the eldest son of his parents, and the brother of a younger boy named Peter.

The man didn’t grow up with a golden future ahead of him, as his family was of low social class and he was living in poverty during the entirety of his youth. Poverty and occasional hunger were two problems that James Larkin grew up with in the streets of Burren, a small town south of County Down. It was a big distortion form his place of birth, Liverpool, where he could’ve grown.

The poverty of the little Jim Larkey could be measured by his intense schedule when he was just a kid: By morning he had to attend school and in the afternoon he, of course, had to go to work, so he could help his parents support the expenses of the family.

It was a very painful journey that extended through most of his years of youth. It got harder, however, by the time his father died. Jim was fourteen when it happened, and he saw himself having to double his income in order to sustain his brother and his mother. Read more: The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin

To find solutions for the poverty to come, the boy had to suddenly find a new job. He tried a position in the company his father worked for, but didn’t last more than two years in the team, having to move to his next occupation as a dock foreman, where he would learn a lot about the business and would stay there for a long time.

After his youth, the man would soon become a very important trade onion, and would later become the leader of the group. In 1905, he joined the cause, but two years later he had to move to Belfast where he created the Irish Transport, a company that was very successful during its inauguration and the following years.

In Belfast, James Larkin would become a real entrepreneur. He would be the head of the foundation of more groups, like the General Workers’ Union, and the poverty that the little boy fought during his youth would suddenly become a thing of the past, as the “Big Jim” (The name of which James Larkin became famous around the country) would be about to make cause significant changes around his environment.

In 1913, James Larkin was part of the Dublin Lockout, where he acquired the nickname Big Jim. Dublin is the place where James Larkin had the biggest impact during his history, and his name is still very famous for historians and museums who remember the events of this era.

Jim Larkey was married to Elizabeth Brown since September of 1903. She was a big supporter of his role in the socialist movement.