The Outstanding Business Management Skills of Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is a leading finance and business management expert. He currently works at Newark Economic Development Corporation (NEDC) as an executive VP and CFO. The firm has been facilitating investments among the Newark people by offering capital funding and excellent policy initiatives. It is currently committed to ensuring the success of real estate development projects and small business.

Seawright is the proprietor of RPS Solutions, which is a top real estate development firm that has specialized in establishing custom and affordable house. The company serves individuals who would like to own homes for the first time in Baltimore.

According to Kevin Seawright, owning a home is a primary element that facilitates the development of wealth and economy. He is highly experienced in serving the Washington, DC., Maryland, and Baltimore’s real estate development and education sector.

The entrepreneur has shown his ability to develop new opportunities and reorganize institutions to accomplish economic efficiency. He formerly worked in the city of Baltimore as its deputy COO.

During his time in office, Kevin oversaw the public school system that had 200 schools, 800 workers, about 500 contractors, and 8000 students. He was later hired by KLS Political Services to serve as a campaign manager. The firm has specialized in offering political campaign management solutions. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

Seawright was also appointed as a VP for human capital and finance at Toto Contractors. He was in charge of simplifying contractor engagement and also ensuring that the firm had excellent work relations with employers.

Kevin has been striving to develop healthy relationships between private companies and the state to facilitate economic growth. He has remarkable business management skills and can examine a business’ operations and develop strategic plans that can make it efficient.

As a business manager, Kevin Seawright is committed to utilizing innovative technology in restructuring human resources, sales, and administration. His outstanding management skills allow him to explore complex elements of internal business processes such as human resource, accounting, and sales.

He is dedicated offering funds to facilitate community development programs such as education. Seawright is also an excellent youth sports coach and has focused on basketball.